Who Am I and What is this Blog About?

Hi there,

I’ve sat in front of my screen for the past 10 minutes trying to think of a witty way to start this crucial part of my blog, went completely blank on the 6th minute, gave up on the 9th and spent the 10th minute writing a pretty unoriginal greeting and trying to contently settle with ‘hi there’ πŸ˜‘. So…I’ll jump straight in.

My name is Zee (a nickname that has become stuck since I was 14) and I’m a stay-at-home mother of two lovely (but to be quite frank, sometimes annoying) children. My delicious daughter is 2 years and 2 months old and my sweet son is 4 months old (did you notice the use of alliteration? Still attempting to be original). I’m originally from the UK but followed my husband to Abu Dhabi two years ago and now live here.

So why did I create this blog? Well as I’m sure that most mums can relate to, there is nothing better than speaking to other parents and finding things you have in common with them in your colourful experience of motherhood. Since being gifted with the title of ‘MUM’, I have spoken to so many different types mothers of so many different ages and backgrounds (young, old, middle class, working class, British, Indian, African etc etc) at so many different settings (at social gatherings, play dates, waiting room at the doctors, on the bus, the train station, queue at the supermarkets, restaurants, etc etc) about all sorts of different but interesting things related to our children (‘I’m trying to potty train right now, its a pain to be honest, she just won’t poo in the toilet’!-‘Oh I had the exact same thing with mine, it was so strange!‘). Despite our differences and the fact that we usually would have NOTHING to say to one another as we have NOTHING in common, I find similarities between us that gives me a warm feeling of knowing that I am not insane and that there are others like me that share the same thoughts and experiences in our clumsy attempt at being a mum.

Even better, I find differences between us that are actually quite useful in me learning new tips and tricks (mine is teething, no symptoms yet though’-‘oh gosh, mine was swimming with diarrhoea! If that ends up happening to yours try this’). Ultimately it makes me feel good about myself and I’d like you to feel the same.

So, I will be writing weekly posts on the topic of my children and what we experience together, and hopefully with time other mums will read it and think ‘OMG I feel exactly the same!’, or ‘wow, Zee is so awesome and intelligent, I’m going to try that’ (Joke btw) or even ‘wow, Zee must have a screw loose, that is the WRONG way to do that, I must tell her at once!’

Enjoy! 😊


22 thoughts on “Who Am I and What is this Blog About?

  1. Marta says:

    Great first blog think u done well on the intro although it did take u a while deffo worth it πŸ˜‚ good luck on ur journey throughout this new blog

    All the best, M


  2. Sals says:

    “Mother of two lovely (but to be quite frank, sometimes annoying) children” LOL love this honesty makes me feel a little normal.

    Reading and waiting for the next one. I know these posts are going to be so relatable and entertaining. Keep them comin girl X


    • Thanks Sals, sometimes we just have to be honest and admit its not all lovely and rosey lol. Will be sending new posts soon inshaaAllah. Thanks for your support 😊


  3. Manal Sunabara says:

    Looove this. So proud of you sis. Even though I’m not a mum, I am keen to read on to see what will be waiting for me. A very entertaining read. Keep these coming. I wish you all the success in the world with this blog πŸ™‚ Well done lovely! Xx


    • Thanksss Manal! You are basically a mum of these two lil ones 😊. I’ll be writing more posts very soon (although you were there for most of it so it won’t be new info for you)


    • Thanks for your feedback! Struggle IS real, but it’ll all be worth it in the end 😊. Will check our your blog, feel free to browse through my posts- more and more rants to read lol

      Zee x


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