Vacate from or Vote for Vaccinations?

Yes, I’ve done it. I have chosen to poke a topic that causes controversy all over the world, and one that is extremely divided in peoples’ opinions of it. I didn’t plan to. I thought ‘don’t touch this area, Zee. It’ll cause agression and volatility and little you, with your little blog, can’t handle it’. But then, I read a blog post by another mother discussing this subject (Click here to visit their fabulous blog 😊) and became tempted.Β Β Two thoughts struck me. Number one: this is such an important topic, and this blog was created for me to talk about my thoughts, and vaccinations is something that preoccupies my mind often. Number two: this is a little blog, so I doubt my opinions will have much of an impact (πŸ˜•). Before I begin, let me make clear that this is not a post arguing one particular view, nor is it an informative one. It’s just one of my usual rants.

Lets get stuck in πŸ™ˆ.

So…I have not given my children any of the vaccinations. Due the lowered infant mortality rate, the alarmingly high rise in autism, the positive reviews about it and the concerning ingredients within the injections, I am so conflicted on my decision. Here are some of my internal battles with it.

Other Mothers Doing research on vaccinations makes me feel so sure of my decision, but then doing research on vaccinations makes me feel so unsure too. I look at mums who have made the same decision as me and this makes me feel secure, but then I look at mums who have chosen to do the opposite and this makes me feel so insecure. It almost makes me wish that I haven’t read, heard and seen what I have. I think ‘oh how I wish I could have just gone through with it, these mums must feel so relaxed, knowing that their children are now safe from all these nasty illnesses. Ignorance is such bliss’.Β  Thankfully, I have never been made to feel like I’m wrong for my decision- because I’m not one to initiate a dialogue about it lest it may become a negative debate (‘you haven’t vaccinated your children?! That’s so bad, it has so many benefits and-bla bla bla), and this is something I want avoid.

Arguing about something that I’m not even completely sure about would just be draining (want to know what exactly it is that makes me unsure about vaccinated my children? I’ll call you and I’ll explain it you. In Kaixana. One of the rarest languages in the world.)

Family With family, however, it’s a complete different story. Booed and jeered by my mum when I walk past, and subtly told I’m wrong by my mother-in-law, I’ve become quite immune to their abuse (joke). That’s grandmothers for you: they love their grandchildren immensely. Sometimes their words do hit home. Like when my mother in law says to me ‘I gave all of my children the injections, and they are all fine!’ This makes me wonder, ‘maybe I am making this into a big deal. I’m healthy (minus my sugar addiction) and never had any adverse side effects from the vaccinations, neither did any of my siblings. What if I’m wrong about everything?’ Even worse is when my own mum says ‘if they get sick, it’ll be ALL YOUR FAULT’. The thought of my children becoming ill over something that I could have avoided makes me feel physically sick (Mothers Guilt would devour me, read more about herΒ here)But then, what I’ve learned about these vaccines makes me think, ‘I just can’t take that risk’ (want to know the risk? Send me your address and I’ll mail you an encrypted letter).

Doctors You would think that speaking to a doctor would give me some clarity. Wrong. Speaking to them just makes me feel even more suspicious about these injections. I know a lot of mothers who have not vaccinated their children hate going to the GP because of that question that always has to come up: are you up to date with the vaccinations? Their answer causes severe hostility from practitioners, making them feel like the world’s worst mum (one of my friends was even falsely told that her son could no longer be a patient at her GP!). This makes me wonder: why does it bother them so much? They behave like it effects them personally. It can’t be because it poses a risk to other children, those children are vaccinated, so aren’t they ‘safe’ from unvaccinated children? I have heard some other theories as to why mothers receive so much pressure from practitioners (want to know my theory? Call me, we’ll meet in a deserted alley at night and I’ll whisper it in your ear).

I used to be very open to discussing the vaccines with Doctors, even wanting to be convinced that I should give them to my children. Feeling nervous that I hadn’t, but even more scared of the idea of it, I was looking for some reassurance that these injections would be good for my children. Unfortunately, when having discussions with them, they never seemed to be able to answer my questions fully. Rather, they made empty statements such as ‘that research has been proven wrong (by who? Do YOU know exactly how the research is wrong?)’ and ‘the doctor who has claimed that vaccines are dangerous has now has had his license taken away (but he was still a doctor? He studied just like you so there must be some truth in his claims) and ‘the risks are very low, millions of children have had the vaccines and they are fine (but what if mine are part of that small percentage that won’t be ‘fine’?)***************************************Of course I won’t be meeting you in an Alley (how dangerous!), nor will I be sending an encrypted letter (didn’t even know what ‘encrypted’ meant till writing this post) and I don’t even speak Kiaxana (only one person in the world speaks the language!). I hope that can help illustrate just how much I don’t want to propagate what I know about the topic of vaccinations. This post is a messy, confusing piece of text, and I am too, so why would I plant doubt in your mind if l’m not even sure? I wrote this purely for the purpose of having a rant, which you all know I love to do.

I hope you have (kind of) enjoyed reading this post 😊. What is your opinion on the matter? Would love to hear your thoughts on it and your own personal experiences of vaccinating/ not vaccinating your children.

Zee X

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38 thoughts on “Vacate from or Vote for Vaccinations?

  1. Your post was a bit more daring than what I posted about vaccines. But I do agree that it is a tough decision. So much so that I went ahead with the first round of vaccines purely due to conformity. But after the initial lecture from my mom I have found many people to be suprisingly supportive of my decision. Not vaccinating is becoming increasingly more popular.

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    • Yes, I’ve noticed people are more aware now which is great. Even when talking through it with my family, they are swayed from wanting me to ‘conform’. Thanks for your feedback!

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  2. salihasiraj says:

    This subject makes me feel anxious and a little bit sick tbh but a great read nonetheless.
    Me and you sailing in the same boat as usual.. (in stormy weather with no life jackets)


  3. This post was very relatable. I too have not vaccinated any of my children but I do sometimes flutter between guilt (when they fall sick) and certainty (when I read about vaccine damage and look at my healthy babies) . Both pro-vaxers and anti-vaxers really only want to protect their children and do what’s best for them. it’s a very personal decision to make so I steer clear of judgment. It’s quite frustrating as someone who doesn’t vaccinate to come across proper hardliners in the pro-Vaxer form (usually online) who like to shove their opinions and ideas down your throat and pretty much tell you you your child is a threat to the rest of the human population! Lol

    Anyway, fab piece Zee!

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    • Yes, that is annoying, strange that our children are seen as a threat to children who have been vaccinated, and therefore should be quite ‘safe’. It’s definitely a personal, difficult decision for us all, we just have to trust our (quite useless at times) mother instinct. Thanks for your feedback! X

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      • caitcance says:

        Vaccinations are given on a schedule, so even for parents who choose to vaccinate, they will have babies who aren’t fully vaccinated yet. So your child could be a risk to them. Just to clear that up!


      • You raise a good point Caitcance. What I meant by my child not being a risk is more for when she is around children consistently, as in the School years, the children who have been vaccinated should be ‘safe’. Unfortunately though, vaccinated or not, ALL children are at risk from these illnesses either way which is such a shame. Thanks for your comment. X


  4. reemcha says:

    I used to be just like you. Now I am firmly against all vaccines for my family. It took me 8 years and having my 3rd child to finally come to that though. The fear and propaganda are real. But once you finally learn enough I now fear the vaccines more than any diseases that they *might* prevent.

    God designed our bodies perfectly to withstand illness if we care for ourselves. Man-made vaccines can’t save us nor have they ever erradicated any diseases.


    • Thanks for your comment reemcha, I definitely believe that the more I learn, the better I’ll feel about my decision. Until then, a bit shaky ☹️. Thanks for giving me the drive to gain more knowledge on the subject! X


  5. It is your blog and yes, you have the right to your opinions πŸ˜ƒ
    And you never know, your opinions might affect the people who visit. This is a good thing 😏 ( or not)

    Awareness about vaccination is really really important!
    I live in Nigeria, Africa and a lot of children are susceptible to diseases, hence vaccinations are encouraged.

    In Lagos, the state where I live in , we have government health workers who go from house to house to give immunization (give vaccines) to those who need them. And it pays off at the end (for the children)

    Lol, we all know doctors can be a silly bunch of people(I say this, as a medical student) We need to realize that passing the right information about drugs or diagnoses or whatever goes a really long way in putting the patient (or family of the patient) at ease.

    Lovely article ! Keep up the good work!


    • I can definitely understand that in other countries things may be different. And maybe it is the case, as you have said, where information needs to be given to us that is correct and clear from healthcare professionals?
      Thank youu for your feedback, and lovely to hear from someone who works in the medical field! X


  6. Just the number of vaccines that were introduced to the market and then pulled while my kids were still young worries me. And the fact that I was out and out lied to by the doctors office more than once about what the legal requirements were. A nurse told me I couldn’t leave the hospital after giving birth to our third unless I was vaccinated (one of my own childhood shots apparently didn’t work), then when I refused she told me husband to “make me.” That makes it even harder to trust the medical professionals.

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    • Wow that is shocking! Its unreal how much pressure is on mummies to give these vaccinations. I can’t believe what that nurse said, I would have been fuming! It’s definitely something very concerning. Thanks for sharing your story Michelle 😊


  7. imanii says:

    Heyy zee definately a post that ul get different reactions from . I agree with feeling as though too pressure are put on mums to get their kids vaccinated by doctors&health proffessions. Your entitled if you choose not to vacc your child and its wrong if they make you feel a way about you making your choice . Aslong as your child is well nourished with a good diet i think your doing everything your supposed to as a mum. x x


    • Thankss for the reassurance imanii 😊 and for the taking the time to read and comment πŸ‘. Definetelyyy needs to be made more clear that it is a Mother’s choice whether or not she wants to Vaccinate her child. X


  8. Love your rant! I too enjoy a good rant, especially when I’m kind of unsure about something. I also haven’t vaccinated my kids, here in Canada it’s pretty easy to find the ingredients and number of vaccine injuries and with two Autistic kids and one typical we decided it just wasn’t worth it. The pressure from gp’s and public health nurses also had a huge bearing on it though. I agree that mom’s shouldn’t feel pressured or bad either way, you are the one who has to raise that child and live with the consequences of your decision so YOU should be the one who gets to make that choice. Wether they get a vaccine injury or one of the illnesses said vaccine MIGHT have prevented, your the one who has to live with it so no mom should feel guilty or shamed for making her own choice. ❀ Great read, I'm so glad you had the guts to blog on the subject, I've also wanted to but just haven't had enough bravery yet.


    • Thankss for your feedback! I couldn’t have put it better myself- you are the one who has to raise that child and live with the consequences so YOU should make the choice. I was quite nervous to touch this topic but so far no one has shot me so πŸ‘. I’ve heard in your side of the world the vaccination ingredients are a lot more aggressive than in the UK and there are more cases if vaccine injuries in children which is such a shame…X


  9. I think it’s super courageous of you to approach such a big topic and for that I respect you. I don’t have much of an opinion on this subject because I don’t have kids myself. But i appreciate your decision and at the end of the day, whatever is right or wrong, you can only do what you believe is best in the moment.



  10. Echoing what someone else mentioned above – how whether to vaccinate or not, the choice is all in favour of what’s best for your child. This topic can get really heated lol – like the incidents you’ve mentioned. I like the way you presented your thoughts – it was a good read :))


    • Thanks Hafsa 😊 I was careful when writing this post because I didn’t want it to cause anyone to feel heated lol so far, everyone has been civilised in their comments so think it went ok? Lol. And yes, its all about what is best for the child, and whats difficult is sometimes a mother just doesn’t know what that is. Hopefully, with time, we will have more clarity. X


  11. P says:

    Great post Zee! I feel so anxious and have the next lot of vaccinations coming up soon so will need to think about this all over again! Although I went with the first rounds of vaccinations I’ve never felt secure about the decision either way. My daughter is fine but I still have the fear that the next lot of vaccinations will effect her. It’s hard and I seem to always be torn between what is best. Think this has been the hardest decision I’ve had to make as a mother and I still have no clarity on what my stance is on the topic! Glad you posted on this as it’s such an important topic to discuss.


    • Sorry if I made you more anxious P πŸ™ˆ me and you have discussed this topic sooo much and we never really end with a clear conclusion. It is definitely one of the HARDEST decisions I have had to make as a mother. Thank you for your feedback though 😊 X


  12. Zahra says:

    Hey Zee, your post really insightful. I’ve vaccinated my daughter but I haven’t vaccinated my son yet, other than the one’s he has before his is one. He is due to have his MMR vaccination and I’m kind of just putting of thinking about it for now. It’s definitely a tricky decision but it is useful at the same time hearing the other side of the argument, so thank you. xxx


    • Thank you for your feedback! And I wouldn’t even say I’m on one particular argument, I am kind of drifting around half blind if you know what I mean. I would suggest you do more research so hopefully you can come to a decision concerning your son feeling less unsure. X


  13. Muslim Mummy says:

    I try not to get involved in these debates and generally avoid any blog posts and posts in groups about it. It brings out a lot of emotions and people end up not even being able to debate it in a civil manner. I have vaccinated my children…and although I don’t have plans for more, if I do they will be vaccinated too.


    • Yes, it’s definitely a controversial issue Muslim Mummy, happy to see no debates have been caused by my post, which would have been horrible. It is a matter of choice, and no mother should take that away from another. Thanks for your feedback! 😊 X


  14. I don’t have children, so I’m not really sure where I stand on this issue. However, I do think that I would like some more info on the subject. Thanks for not shying away from controversy.


  15. Mona says:

    I vaccinated my first once or twice when he was super young and I regret it so much. The rest of my kids have no vaccines. I feel so similar to me and I’ve had a doctor ask me why? I told him I have been doing research and he responded by saying, β€œare you a doctor?” It was rude and it made me feel like I wasn’t being acknowledged as the one liable for my children’s well being. He has so many patients and if something were to happen to my child he would move on probably deny it had to do with vaccines and i would be questioned. How is it fair that I can’t make my own decisions then?

    Another point that makes me feel stronger in my decision is my niece had a bad reaction. She cried at 6 months for 6 hours. Right after vaccines. The doctor said it wasn’t a reaction. I refuse to believe that. They say reactions are rare but if there is a reaction and they deny it how does it make their statistics accurate? The next time she got vaccinated she got hives all over her body. Again the doctor denied it being related! I am in shock. They want to deny any chance of having responsibility for any reaction. It’s appalling and worrisome to me. How can I trust a doctor with my child, I can only trust myself to try and make the best decision for them.


    • Thank you for sharing your story Mona…unfortunately a lot of mothers have experienced this patronising attitude from Doctors. And you’ve made such a good point about possibly inaccurate statistics occurring due to the blame not being admitted by the blame’ee (that is so not a word but you get my drift πŸ™ˆ lol) I hope your niece is ok now! X


  16. Amazing piece. Your jokes are too funny πŸ˜‚ but all joking aside, it is seriously such a touchy topic. I can relate to you sister! Alhamdulillah! Have you ever seen this documentary called the truth about vaccines? May Allah make it easy for us to do what is best for our children and bless them with good health always! Ameen


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