A Fabulous Morning and a Terrible Morning with Two Children.

I remember after finding out I was pregnant with my SS, I felt a mixture of emotions. Excited, shocked (it was planned but I’ve always had this fear of ‘what if can’t have more?’- is it just me?), overwhelmingly happy and…scared. I’d heard that famous saying of ‘one is one, two is TWENTY’ so I was worried about how I would be able to cope. I asked everyone I knew who had 2+ children and recieved a mixture of responses. ”Oh, its SOOOO hard, you’ll lose your mind’‘ and ”as long as you have support, you’ll be ok, but it is very, very difficult’‘ or ”you’ll probably die”. This done nothing to calm my nerves, and only after speaking to one of my good friends (who has always been my favourite source for advice about my children), a mother of two boys, did I start to feel better. She said Continue reading


Mothers’ Guilt Part I

You know that feeling you get when you think about your child? It begins quite positive, with thoughts such as ‘they were so lovely today‘, or ‘I can’t believe they learned to do that all by themselves. So clever!‘ or even ‘they are really starting annoy me now‘. Then, very gradually, things turn dark as you allow your mind to wander further. Thoughts like this emerge: ‘they were lovely today and I shouldn’t have told them off for such and such, they didn’t really deserve that after behaving so well‘. Or ‘they learned that ALL BY THEMSELVES, where was I?’ Or ‘how could I be annoyed with them? They are so young! Did I make it obvious I felt that way towards them? I’m a monster 😔‘. And then all of this transpires into: ‘I AM A BAD MOTHER 😰‘, Continue reading

Why ‘Breast is Best’ is Not Always the Best Thing To Know.

Before having children, I always believed that I would be an exclusively breastfeeding mum. It would be absolutely unacceptable to expose my child to the poison known as formula, after all why give this foreign substance if breastmilk is sooo much better, right? Mums who ‘chose’ to give their children formula were insane. It was easier to breastfeed both health-wise and economically (its free for goodness sake!). As well as this, women who breastfed felt the beautiful rush of love for their baby and a connection like no other, looking down into their beautiful eyes for the first time whilst they suckle on their breast on the hospital bed straight after delivery. Newborn babies smiled up at their mother (yes, they smiled and they were only a day old, thats how amazing it was!) and Continue reading