Who Am I and What is this Blog About?

Hi there,

I’ve sat in front of my screen for the past 10 minutes trying to think of a witty way to start this crucial part of my blog, went completely blank on the 6th minute, gave up on the 9th and spent the 10th minute writing a pretty unoriginal greeting and trying to contently settle with ‘hi there’ 😑. So…I’ll jump straight in.

My name is Zee (a nickname that has become stuck since I was 14) and I’m a stay-at-home mother of two lovely (but to be quite frank, sometimes annoying) children. Read More

The Joys and The Woes of a Mother’s ‘Me’ Time

Let’s start this post with a short questionnaire that will categorise my readers.

(1) Are you a mother? (If ”yes”, move on to question 2)

(2) Does your baby/child sleep through the night? (Continue on to Question 3 if ‘yes’ or ‘no’)

(3) Are you tired? (‘Yes’ or ‘no’)

So we will categorise the readers into two: those of you who are tired and those of you who are not. You may have noticed this Questionnaire is flawed, my fellow Read More


Travelling with Children

I used to love plane rides. The whole experience, from preparing and packing for the trip and getting a nice hot drink at the airport whilst sophisticatedly waiting for my flight, to sitting on the plane and watching the latest movies or tucking into a good book, was amazing. Getting the window seat was the best, as watching the world get smaller and smaller until being high up in the clouds excited me. I even liked plane food (I’ve got this weird want for school dinner type food) and the little snacks provided by the generous staff.

Of course, when I was gifted with children things changed, Read More

My Clingy Toddler Clings To me Like Velcro!

There is a term known as a ‘velcro baby’. It can be defined as a small human who’s life’s purpose is to remain close to it’s Mother, unable to venture out into the wild: The ‘wild’ comes in different forms- within it’s home but a different room to Mother, or in a public gathering where mature humans meet or even places where Mothers bring their small humans to integrate with each other. The velcro baby sticks to it’s Mother, refusing to separate itself, going into an attack mode when another mature human tries to remove it. It leaves Mother feeling physically hot, bothered and frustrated and wishing her velcro baby would be a mature human sooner than later.

My DD used to have long phases of being a velcro baby Read More

Vacate from or Vote for Vaccinations?

Yes, I’ve done it. I have chosen to poke a topic that causes controversy all over the world, and one that is extremely divided in peoples’ opinions of it. I didn’t plan to. I thought ‘don’t touch this area, Zee. It’ll cause agression and volatility and little you, with your little blog, can’t handle it’. But then, I read a blog post by another mother discussing this subject (Click here to visit their fabulous blog 😊) and became tempted.  Two thoughts struck me. Number one: this is such an important topic, and this blog was created for me to talk about my thoughts, and vaccinations Read More

An Enjoyable Evening and An Excruciating Evening with Two Children (part two)

You request, I deliver. As many people contacted me after reading my post (read ‘A Fabulous Morning and A Terrible Morning with Two Children here), (oh how I wish you people would leave comments!), I am now going to describe my afternoons/evening with my two little sunshines. As with my mornings, the rest of my day can really go either way. Enjoyably enjoyable or excruciatingly excruciating (my alliteration skills are bombastic).

Let’s get stuck in.

An Enjoyable Afternoon/Evening

After having had a shower, Read More

Your Way Is Not The Right Way For Everyone.

There are so many different opinions circling around about what the right way is concerning looking after children. No two mothers do the exact same thing for everything. For example, one mother may choose to introduce solids to her child at 4 months, and another may choose to introduce it at 6 months. Or one mother may choose to use organic water wipes for nappy changing and the other may choose to use Johnsons wipes. We all have our own way of doing things and there is nothing that erks me more than mothers who assume their way should be everybody elses’. I’ve met a fair few Read More

Mothers Guilt Part II

An overwhelming amount of people contacted me regarding my previous post (See ‘Mothers Guilt’ Part I) saying they related to what I had written. It feels good to know I’m not insane so thanks! Due to the responses I received, I thought it would be fitting to now speak again about this topic but from a different spectrum. Yes, often a mother’s guilt is due to her own insecurities and negative thoughts. However, it is also the simple comments, judgements and observations vocalised by other people (especially other mothers) that can cause a mother to feel uncertain about her performance as a parent. Rather than writing about my own personal experiences, I’ve spoken to some mothers  Read More


I thought it would be fitting to make my first post based on where it all began-labour 💀. All mums have to endure it, alot solemly swear that they want NO more children after the experience and even more forget it ever happened after a few months and brand it as a ‘beautiful’ experience. Maybe we are all being fooled by our own minds. Our uterus complains to the brain, saying ‘I feel unappreciated and insignificant, you make use of all the other organs, why not me anymore? Erase her memory and lie about the whole thing! Maybe even send signals using the heart to increase positive emotions?’ For those who settled with just one child, Read More